After the 84th Legislature ended in 2015, Parent Guidance Center led the campaign to ask for a veto of SB 359.  Below is information surrounding that veto and subsequent victory.



Read Governor Abbott’s Veto Proclamation Here

Thanks to all of you who participated in this campaign.
Special thanks to Governor Abbott for protecting the rights and liberties of all Texans in this regard.
Please share the great news with everyone.  And above all, please make sure that Governor Abbott receives plenty of emails and comments on media sites thanking him for protecting our rights.
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Warrantless Detention Coming to Texas

Hospitals and Emergency Rooms!!!

Austin, Texas:  The Texas Legislature decided to strip our constitutional rights away by passing SB 359 which will allow for warrantless detentions of our citizens for up to 4 hours in hospitals, emergency rooms, free-standing emergency clinics, and mental health facilities if patients want to leave before examination or treatment is complete and are “believed” to have a mental illness – No warrant, no hearing, no lawyer, no protections, no exceptions.  Everyone using a hospital or emergency room is at risk!

Liberty-minded activists and parents across the state are calling for Governor Abbott to VETO SB 359 and keep constitutional rights, patient rights, medical freedom rights, and parental rights intact.

SB 359 gives doctors and hospitals police-type powers to detain and restrain by allowing each facility to design and implement its own unconstitutional warrantless detention policy to detain and/or restrain any person who “voluntarily” comes to that facility for any type of services – not just mental health.

“Basically, anyone who disagrees with a doctor or hospital and wants to leave against medical advice is at risk of being told they are delusional and can be coerced for the next 4 hours,” said Johana Scot, Executive Director for Parent Guidance Center.  “And doctors already hold all the cards when it comes to treatment of children – if parents disagree, doctors just call CPS.”

SB 359 allows hospitals to write their own detention policies, creates the perfect storm for fraud and abuse, gives hospitals the same right to detain without warrant as peace officers, violates parental rights to choose and refuse treatment for their child, incrementally erodes other future rights since the detention will be listed in a person’s medical file, circumvents the existing process of informed consent, and could be used to violate current statutes that bar deception and coercion tactics at medical facilities.

And if that list is not enough to scare every Texan and make them think twice before seeking any medical care for themselves or their children, SB 359 clearly absolves doctors and facilities of any civil and criminal liability!

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Link to letter sent to Governor requesting Veto of SB 359

Contact Governor Abbott and ask for a VETO on SB 359 today!



We are asking you to join us in a veto campaign against SB 359, one of the greatest threats to your rights and liberties this legislative session.  We are calling it the “Forced Medical Treatment Act.”

SB 359 is about granting police powers to hospitals and doctors through warrantless detention for up to 4 hours in hospitals, emergency rooms, free-standing emergency care facilities, and mental health facilities.  Presented as a “protection” for potentially mentally ill patients, this bill is about much more than that because it:

  • Circumvents longstanding legal precedents on the right to refuse treatment, ie “against medical advice”
  • Includes anyone who walks into a hospital or emergency room, free-standing emergency facility, or inpatient mental health facility for any kind of services or treatment, not just mental health issues
  • Allows individual hospital policies to dictate what is now reserved for peace officers who have constitutional training
  • Creates the perfect storm for fraud and abuse in an industry already noted for rising, rampant fraud and abuse
  • Can incrementally erode a person’s rights because it will go in their medical record
  • Will give the hospital time to diagnose and convert a person to an involuntary mental patient
  • Violates a parent’s right to choose and refuse examinations and treatment for their children
  • Circumvents the existing informed consent process
  • Circumvents the statute barring deception and coercion at medical facilities
  • Absolves facilities of all criminal or civil liability in their policy and decision-making
  • Could have a chilling effect on people seeking urgent, life-saving medical care
  • Targets anyone who disagrees with their medical treatment


Texans should be able to go to hospitals and emergency rooms

in Texas without the fear of being

detained and restrained against their will.

Contact Governor Abbott and ask for a VETO on SB 359 today!