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10 Reasons why you may NOT

have donated to Parent Guidance Center yet . . .

1) You think you will never be falsely accused of abusing your child, so probably don’t need your rights protected.

2) You assume parents accused of abuse and/or neglect are automatically assigned legal counsel so they don’t need help.

3) You think parents involved with CPS must have done something wrong or CPS would not get involved.

4) You weren’t aware that the state of Texas can draw down money from the federal government every time a poor child is removed by CPS.

5) You also weren’t aware that the state of Texas can make money through federal adoption incentives when a child gets adopted instead of going home to their biological parents.

6) You had no idea only about 30% of children removed by CPS go home to their biological parents in the state of Texas each year.

7) You assume that CPS helps parents complete their service plans and only terminates parental rights when absolutely necessary and with plenty of evidence.

8) You did not know that children are MORE likely to be abused in foster care than at home.

9) You were not aware of the fact that the majority of children are removed for NEGLECT, which is often related to poverty, not abuse.

10) You didn’t know that Parent Guidance Center has been protecting your parental rights for FREE for the past 13 years!

Please donate to PGC so we can continue ensuring that parental rights remain in tact year after year.

HAPPY 15th ANNIVERSARY Parent Guidance Center!