Parent Guidance Center tracks parental rights related legislation for you free of charge.  Every other year when the Texas state legislature goes into session, decisions are made about YOUR family and YOUR rights as a parent often with little fanfare and usually without any press.  A tiny, one word change, such as MAY to SHALL, can negatively (or positively) impact you and your children without your knowledge!

Most parents are busy working and raising their families and “too busy” to get involved in politics.  Unfortunately, apathy doesn’t defend your rights as a parent.  There aren’t any “special interest groups” interested in defending your parental rights either.  Lobbyists aren’t looking out for families or the “little guy” when they influence legislators.  Most high-paid lobbyists (or hired guns as they are often referred to at the capitol) are on a mission from the highest bidder to take away your rights as a parent.

Many lobbying groups come to the capitol on behalf of children and proceed to put “protection of children” ahead of parental rights.  While we all can agree children need protecting, it should never be at the expense of parental rights.

Parent Guidance Center looks out for families – children and parents – and strives to strike a balance between protecting a child and protecting parental rights.  The two are NOT mutually exclusive as some may believe.

Check out the categorized links for current legislation that could potentially effect you and your family.  Get involved . . . check back often to see ways you can help us protect your rights.

Legislators need to hear from PARENTS:  Calls, emails, visits to legislators, written testimony, and public testimony are all very powerful tools to let your parent voice be heard.