Texas CPS Privatization Pilot Moving Ahead Despite Concerns




July 6, 2016

Rising number of Texas foster kids left without homes

Is the rising number because more people are abusive and neglectful or is it because our state does not spend enough money on prevention programs that would help people before their lives escalated to child services interventions?  Are we taking too many kids?  Could kids be served better in their homes when it is safe to do so?  Texas needs to spend more money on the front-end helping families in need rather than punishing them and putting their children in costly foster care.


February 23, 2016

Scot, Wexler: Court offers wrong solution for foster kids

Parent Guidance Center submitted this op-ed (along with Richard Wexler) concerning the Children’s Rights lawsuit decision handed down by a federal judge against CPS.

February 17, 2016

Fixing Texas Foster Care Requires Radical Change In Direction

Parent Guidance Center co-wrote this op-ed with Richard Wexler, executive director, National Coalition for Child Protection Reform.

February 16, 2016

There’s little outrage for 12,000 kids suffering in the Texas foster care system

The victim in this story tells you what she wants – to go home – but did anyone help her drug-addicted mother so this girl could get her wish? No, instead they terminated her mother’s parental rights.  The rest of the story is a sordid tale of how the victim is further victimized in the foster care system – the very system that is supposed to protect her from her supposed abusers.



February 10, 2014

New Harris County CPS court looks to ease backlog

While we agree that something needs to be done about the growing backlog of CPS cases in Harris County, the “cluster court” system, as it’s sometimes called, has done NOTHING to protect children and get them home to their families quicker.  Clustering CPS cases to one judge – which has been done for years around the state – has NOT made judges see kids in their courtrooms more, has NOT ensured that caseworkers visit their children more, has NOT ensured timely delivery of services to parents so that they can safely be reunited with their children more often, and has definitely NOT protected children from abuse and neglect or even death in their foster homes.

December 19, 2013

State punishes foster agency in death of 11-month-old Orion Hamilton

When foster agencies do not follow CPS policies, children die.  When CPS does not monitor foster agencies, children die.  It’s about time PEOPLE are held accountable for their actions or in this case LACK of actions.  We cannot continue to blame “the system” for its failure to protect children.  At the end of the day, it is PEOPLE, not systems, failing these children.  And when PEOPLE fail to follow the system rules with no accountability, children die.

October 25, 2013

Increase in foster child deaths prompts safety plan

While CPS should shoulder much of the blame for this foster child death (afterall they are charged with keeping children safe), let’s not forget that many other eyes were supposed to be looking in on this foster child.  It’s time the entire foster care system is held accountable – not just CPS – including court-appointed attorneys, judges, foster agencies, CASA advocates, therapists, and any others involved in foster care cases.

October 22, 2013

Child’s death reveals concerns in foster placement

It seems that serving children in their own homes may be safer after all. 

October 4, 2013

Lubbock adoptive parents indicted on felony child abuse charges

Is there a limit on how many children can be adopted out of the CPS system?  Were no red flags raised when these parents kept wanting to adopt more children?  Who is checking on the adopted children AFTER they are adopted?  How much money were these adoptive parents making in adoption subsidies each month?

September 25, 2013

Texas CPS caseworkers charged with tampering with evidence

Two were also indicted on multiple counts of official oppression in connection with alleged improper searches and seizures of some CPS clients.

September 13, 2013

Texas seeks more scrutiny of foster parents as number of children’s death rise

Why do caseworkers stop asking all the right questions of children in foster care and why don’t they believe it when children tell them about abuse or neglect in foster care?  Sometimes children are “removed” to a worse environment than they came from and are “protected to death.”

September 5, 2013

Foster parents, Austin area child-placing agency are sued

Question: What is worse than a child being abused? Answer: CPS taking children away to supposedly protect them from further abuse and then a child placing agency covering up sexual abuse of the children by its licensed foster parents while in foster care in order to get the children adopted.

Click here to read the court document.


August 5, 2013

Texas toddler dies in CPS custody at hands of foster mother

August 1, 2013

Two-year-old dies in foster care