Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas

Parent Guidance Center has become the parent advocacy leader in Texas – analyzing the child welfare system, bringing the parent voice to the table, recommending changes to policies and procedures, informing where money should be spent, and making sure legislation works for families.  We attend meetings, participate on committees and round table discussions, train and consult with attorneys, and keep the parent voice in the forefront of high-level strategic discussions about CPS reform, mental health, homeschooling, medical choice and privacy protections when those platforms intersect with child welfare.

88th Legislature

We are looking forward to continuing our legislative advocacy during the Texas 88th Legislative Session with excitement and hope for the future of parental rights in our great state.

This session we will continue educating legislators and the public about bills that may positively or negatively affect parental rights. See you at the capitol!

The Parental Rights Policy Institute of Texas – We worked with other organizations that take child welfare cases in order to advocate for parents in the often unfair system that traumatizes the children and destroys the very families it proclaims to help and decided to create the Institute after realizing the significance of the parental rights perspective that we all share. With years of case-level evidence and experience Parental Rights Policy Institute will produce a clear understanding of what needs to truly change in order to save families and protect parental rights.

Please visit for more information about the Institute and the child welfare policies that need to change in order to protect parental rights.