Texas Legislature

During each Texas Legislative session, we list bills we are watching that may positively or negatively impact the parental rights of Texans in a direct or indirect way.

Bills are dynamic and always changing.  Sometimes when a bill is filed it may seem good but then be completely substituted and turn out to be bad for parents.  That is why PGC closely watches many bills that could potentially impact parental rights.

Even when a seemingly “good” bill gets passed out of committee, it can be substituted or amended again with something that is “bad” for parental rights later in the process.  Sometimes after explaining how a bill will negatively impact parental rights, legislators decide to amend the bills or remove the offensive part of the bill.

This advocacy process takes vigilance and diligence on the part of parent advocates.  Bills on our Watch List receive attention through online monitoring, legislative office visits, coordination with other organizations, and public and/or written testimony.


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